Why So Few Comments, Haters? Plus, AVN.

I’ve got a good roll going here, peeps. Why you hatin? I need comments! I need fodder! I mean, come on, surely someone out there has a question about gangbangs they want answered! How will you ever find out if I don’t have your question in hand when I interview a gangbang star? You won’t! And that will make us all sad.

So here’s a trap to MAKE you comment! I’m gearing up for the AVN Awards and AEE convention in Vegas this weekend! I will be there, semi-stalking the cool people and interviewing as many of them as I can get to stand still. Taking pictures and tweeting and so on. Any requests for photos or interviews, questions to ask people, suggestions on sights to see, etc… leave ’em here! I mean it, fuckers!

1 thought on “Why So Few Comments, Haters? Plus, AVN.

  1. Bob Reis says:

    >i keep trying but they don't post. settings issue prob.


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