Trve West Coast Fiction: Coming Out

Read this. READ THIS. Danny Wylde, one of the most articulate porn stars I’ve ever known, writes about his experience of coming out as a sex worker to his family on his blog, Trve West Coast Fiction. It’s touching and impressive and thoughtful and seriously I just love this guy.

“I think most people who go to school with the intentions of being an artist have to make a decision at some point to either make money or fulfill their artistic pursuits. A lot of times one of those has to kind of drop off… Porn is both a way to fund those things and keep creating those things because I don’t have to work twelve hours a day every single day.

I have also become a part of a community of people who I really respect, and I think respect me as well. And we’re able to do some really interesting things. I have people who write me on a regular basis now, thanking me for my work. I don’t know that in any other profession that if you received the same response, you could say that you’re doing something wrong or go, ‘I don’t want to be here.'”

Thanks go to the incredible Jiz Lee, as well, for starting this conversation. They are putting together an anthology of similar writings by sex workers, tentatively titled How to Come Out Like a Porn Star, and I am kind of drooling over the idea of this book. Coming out to a family about your involvement in the sex industry is terrifying and can be hugely traumatic. And every person in the industry has a story to share. I think the upcoming collection will be not only a riveting read, but will serve to further humanize the people who take part in the eyes of readers. And the world can always, always, always use more humans understanding other humans. (PS, Jiz, let me copyedit this book! Please please pleeeease!)

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