Two Things Real Quick

1) People from Mississippi are officially called Mississippians. I learned this a few weeks ago when perusing a list of what to call people from different states. I guess with a name for the state as ridiculous as Mississippi (sorry Native Americans, I mean no fun-making, it’s just… well… it’s a funny word) in the first place, you don’t need to get very creative with your suffixes. Mississippian still sounds pretty fantastic. But it could be more fun. Behold: Mississipponian. Mississippander. Mississippianian. Mississippizippity-doo-dah.

2) I may have been into the chocolate vodka.

3) I am into the chocolate vodka to celebrate Mississippians rejecting Initiative 26 at the polls today. Inituative 26 would have legally established “personhood” as state law, making the moment of conception the legal definition of the beginning of a human life. While this may be true in some very abstract scientific ways, the idea that two cells constitutes a human being was very close to becoming the most anti-woman, anti-reason, anti-everything-civilized-society-has-been-built-on piece of hooey legislation ever to endanger women’s lives and freedoms and roll back decades of gains in understanding. So whatever they’re called, I celebrate the people of Mississippi today for being less zany than the state they’re from. Cheers!

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