Video from the Luna Luna SUMMER DEATH Poetry Reading!

Most of you, I’m assuming, were not able to make it to the SUMMER DEATH poetry reading featuring six Luna Luna writers/editors/contributors last Thursday. Luckily, there is some video of the so-gorgeous-it-hurts poetry of Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, the vivacious lines of Lisa Marie Basile, and other (I don’t know what descriptors best suit my poetry) poems from me! Enjoy!

Hope you like it! I read three poems from my collection about Audrey Munson, which still does not have a name, and for which I will be seeking publication in the next few months. I got a very good response from the listeners, and feel blessed to have the opportunity.

Thank you so much to Mellow Pages Library, to everyone at Luna Luna, and to everyone who showed up!

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