Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve

I’ve got two, count ’em two new pieces out this weekend, both about my experience as the writer of a controversial comic book series. In both, my heart is on full display. Check ’em out below!

indie comix dispatch pack heart on sleeve
Top of the front page, no less!


I wrote a guest post for Indie Comix Dispatch—one of the best places online for news, interviews, and reviews from the indie comics world.

This piece is really personal and scary to share, but here I am, doing it!

“PACK was born of watching this pattern play out again and again and wanting to see it change, but feeling powerless. But we’re storytellers. A comic book series exploring gentrification, systemic racism, and the ways that policing intersects with both of these topics might not change the cycle. But since stories are how we contribute to the conversation, we needed to get to work.”

Read the rest now at Indie Comix Dispatch!

Smash Pages Q&A: Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco

Then, Jayel and I went and got interviewed by the amazing Alex Deuben at SmashPages!

Our creative heart was very much on display while we talked about why we took a year off from publishing PACK. And how we hope we’re doing the right thing.

“It’s very much about finding our own blind spots and acknowledging that they’re there and learning what you can do get past them and move forward better. I don’t want that to come across like I’ve fixed myself; it’s an ongoing process that anyone who’s interested in being a good person must continually be doing. I think that this is the creative version of trying to start that process and understanding our blind spots and look at them honestly and move forward.”

Go read the Q&A at SmashPages!

smash pages pack q&a lynsey g jayel draco
Also top of the front page, not that I’m bragging. (I am totally bragging.)

I’d love it if you could go give the campaign for this comic a look. As you can see from the guest post and the Q&A, a lot—a freaking lot—of soul searching went into this project. And the heart I’ve been wearing on my sleeve is pinned directly to this series.

So every pledge, follow, comment, and social media share really validates the work I’ve done. And, like I said in both of these pieces, it helps to keep this conversation moving forward.

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