Well, I Went and Launched “Dwayne”

You may recall that I’ve been very nervous about launching my first novella—”Dwayne”—since I blogged all about it recently. The nerves remain, but I went ahead and hit the “launch” button earlier today! Which means…

“Dwayne” Is Live on Kickstarter!

The campaign to fund creation of an e-book, a trade paperback, and an audiobook of this surreal novella just launched! It runs until February 22, and we’ll be unveiling new goodies and events, stretch goals, and more along the way!

Come on over to the Kickstarter page to see what it’s all about!

Meet the Rock

This is the story of a woman’s life being upended by the sudden appearance of a 15-ton boulder in her living room.

Unable to have it removed immediately, she’s forced into an uneasy truce with the monolith she starts calling Dwayne. Surprisingly enough, his presence launches her to fame, friends, and a brand-new romance.

But then, her new roommate begins to follow her from room to room…

Come Party With Me to Celebrate!

I’m going live tonight on Twitch to celebrate that launch! Join me and my partner in life and publishing, Jayel Draco, in the live chat while we tell you all about “Dwayne,” the campaign, and what to expect next!

We’ll go live at 5:00 pm MST (that’s 7:00 EST/6:00 CST/4:00 PST) and stream for about two hours!

See you there!

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