What’s Your Stripper Soundtrack?

stripper soundtrack lynsey g by cricketfiend
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An open question for readers: What’s your fantasy stripper soundtrack? Your dream burlesque song? C’mon, I know you’ve all got one song that, every time you  hear it, makes you resolve that you are going to to sign up for those poledancing/stripper-moves/burlesque class or go buy some pasties.

I’ve got two, personally. Very different burlesque routines for each. Someday… when I have something resembling free time. Someday…

Anyway, I won’t tell you what mine are unless I hear from some of you first. What do you want to take your clothes off to? (PS the comments section below doesn’t bite, I don’t think. You don’t need a website or e-mail to comment.)

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  1. Jon says:

    When I discovered this song, it had to be one of my few burlesque songs:

    I’ve also used this to celebrated a wonderful activist who passed away:

    And on an entirely personal note because it is hot:

  2. Lynsey G says:

    Hah, these are great! Also, we have similar tastes. One of my two is a Muse song, and my third-in-line is a Garbage song!

  3. Lynsey G says:

    Further answers from Twitter:

    From @jolenestarshine: my power songs: idioteque, she rides, and all along the watchtower.

    From @thatalexyarde: A circa 1950 laugh track followed by Prince’s Black Album. #breakfastcanwait


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