When I Get Bored I Write a Lot

…but not here, apparently. I’ve been feeling a little in-between big projects lately–waiting for the green light/contract on one, pitching another and getting radio silence in return, tapping my feet while the artist finishes up some work on a third, and too nervous about the aforementioned three to start on the other three big ones I’ve been thinking about.

So I’ve been a bit bored. I made a painting last week (pics to come), and I visited my parents, and I went to an amusement park, and of course there’s this whole full-time-job thing that’s been keeping me occupied, but. Still bored. So I’ve been writing essays like a fiend. I’ve got two coming up on Luna Luna this week, and one pending with xoJane. I’m on FIYAH. But I haven’t been writing much here. I do apologize, my tender reader dumplings.

Here’s a question: if I learned some burlesque techniques… would y’all come see me perform? Cause when I get bored I get crazy self-conscious but desperate for attention… and burlesque seems like a good way to mediate that, n’est pas?

In the meantime, hey guys, let’s all mourn for the patriarchy, because clearly it’s dead now. The thing I don’t get about Hanna Rosin’s whole book and platform about how feminism should be finished now that we’ve won is that… like… what’s wrong with admitting that American women have made huge strides toward gender equality from where we were, say, fifty years ago… but also admitting that there’s still shit-tons of work to be done? Why is that so hard? I guess maybe because saying that doesn’t stir controversy, and that’s pretty much the only way to get noticed, but for shit’s sake, people. CLEARLY patriarchy is not dead, and here is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of examples that show it’s thriving from NY Mag.


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