You Need to Read This Blog by Jiz Lee

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I’m not even going to talk about it much because there’s just so much in here that is important to me, and which I think the world needs to read. Jiz Lee, genderqueer feminist pornographer extraordinaire (who–shameless self-endorsement alert–is doing a cameo in my graphic novel! hollaaaa!) and boundary-breaker of the highest order, wrote a blog post about their recent experiences at the AVN and Xbiz conventions and awards. They discuss their relative visibility (presenting awards and moderating panels) and invisibility (not getting noticed on show floors), wins and non-wins, and being a “gateway queer.” And so much more. As they put it, “I hope to be a “gateway queer”…That by continuing to be myself, I can forge a path towards greater gender acceptance and sexual diversity.” Aw yeah.

Just, please, go read.

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