What If You’re Not Freaked Out By “Jonerys” on Game of Thrones?

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Okay, so incest on Game of Thrones is nothing new. But as we’ve slowly come to realize that Jon Snow is technically Daenerys Targaryen’s nephew, a lot of fans have been watching the slow-motion trainwreck of them falling in love with something less than disgust. Something a little more like…anticipation? Happiness? Even glee?

What’s up with that? Haven’t we been conditioned to despise the Lannisters in part for their gross twincest thing for years now? Shouldn’t we be totally grossed out by Jonerys?

So then…why aren’t we? I spoke to a social psychologist, a sociologist, and a kink expert about incest fantasies, and why we don’t need to be too squicked out by our lack of squicky feelings about “the Union of Ice and Fire,” for Glamour.com! A snippet:

“The popularity of fauxcest porn has risen alongside the success of Game of Thrones, and while it’s impossible to know whether Jaime and Cersei’s relationship has had any impact on our porn-viewing habits, the correlation is hard to ignore. And the contemporaneous popularity of both begs the question: Are we just getting to be more OK with fantasizing about incest?”

Answers (and some great GIFs) at Glamour.com!

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