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Christmas lights in my glasses!
Christmas lights in my glasses!

This week has gotten me so far behind on all the things! Christmas is great, but like woah. So much to catch up on!

In the meantime, y’all… two things:

1) I published a sex/realtionship advice column over at Luna Luna Magazine the other day! This month’s installment deals with how to be a good fuck buddy, thoughts on how to let someone know you don’t want a relationship with them, and a freakout over periods and pregnancy and prophylactics. Please do read! And send me your own questions (totes anonymous if you want) here!

2) This list of “Girly Things Men Wish They Could Do Without Judgment” makes me think a lot about a lot of things. Firstly, how narrowly we define masculinity and femininity. I mean, where did the term “girly” drink come from anyway? What makes a drink “girly”? Most of the women I know would just as soon go for a double finger of Scotch as they would a Cosmopolitan, and the same goes for the men in my life. Drink what you like, for goodness’ sake. But in a larger sense… I do understand how threatening and frightening many people can find any break from the status quo. I understand how change is scary. But isn’t personal autonomy worth a second thought? Deciding to skip along with your daughter or carry a bag has to do with individual decisions, not gender binaries. I realize that we live in a marketing-drenched culture that is constantly trying to tell us what’s manly and not manly (what is with that new kind of low-cal Doctor Pepper ad campaign? seriously?), and it can be hard to get away from that… but for fuck’s sake, anyone who wants to dance should feel free to goddamn dance. Your thoughts?

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