A Dispatch from a Dark Corner: Kayvon Zand

Illustration by Jayel Draco
Illustration by Jayel Draco

In my second Dispatch from a Dark Corner for Nerve.com, I went underground, into the over-the-top glamor of Sex on Fifth Avenue, the monthly party held at the Museum of Sex by underground nightlife personality and pop artist Kayvon Zand. A nibble:

It may not come as a surprise that I am a big fan of The Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue in New York City. From their weird and wild exhibits (currently there’s a section on the sex lives of animals) to their always-engaging gift shop to the parties they throw occasionally, I’ve been a devotee for years. But when I heard about the new, monthly Sex on Fifth Avenue party they put on, I didn’t know what to think. The party, billing itself as “the intersection of a 90s Club Kids-era party and the New York Burning Man community,” is curated by Kayvon Zand, the nightlife kingpin and sex-positive culture creator whose artistic and sensual performances have lit up New York for years. I’m a nightlife n00b, but a sex party veteran, so I was eager to figure out how these two scenes might clash—or comingle.

I got down and dirty at Sex on Fifth Avenue in early December: the scene was an intense mélange of over-the-top fashion statements, artful nudity, impossibly glamorous makeup, and performance art, all mixed in with strobe lights, fog machines, and the museum’s exhibits (which included a bouncy castle made of inflatable boobs). Afterward, I talked to Kayvon about where the party fits into the New York nightlife scene, self-expression, art, and (obviously) sex.

Read the rest at Nerve.com and see the fab illustration by Jayel Draco!

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