Luna Luna: An Interview with Aboriginal Pop Artist and Superwoman, Inez Jasper

I am so, so, so pleased to announce that my interview with Inez Jasper is now up on Luna Luna. Inez is a pop artist, an RN, an outspoken advocate for indigenous women’s rights, a mom, and a complete badass. I learned about her on MTV’s Rebel Music and was blown away by her spirit. And so I knew I had to talk to her.

It was an honor to interview her, and I’d love for you to go read our talk about climate change, activism, sexual health, inter-generational trauma, and so much more!

A morsel:

“I keep trying to make [my music] positive and encouraging. It’s really difficult to keep that initiative and keep making messages like that when you’re constantly being faced with negative images of indigenous women in the media. Missing and murdered indigenous women. And so I realized, this is an issue I need to talk about, because our women are facing this. How can we get to the other side of positivity and self-growth and embracing our identity as women when we’re afraid?”

Go read the rest! You won’t be disappointed. She’s Superwoman. And there’s an original illustration by Jayel Draco to go with the interview! This article is everything!

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