A Few Things to Consider on Your Sunday: Buck Angel, Burlesque, Chameleons, and Nasal Pasages

1) I did an interview with the one and only and flabbergastingly amazing Buck Angel for WHACK! Magazine. It is brilliant. I’m not kidding. That guy is something else entirely. Entirely AWESOME. He has a bronze statue of himself in a museum. Did you know that? And he rescues wingless parakeets. And he’s got a documentary about himself at SXSW this year. I mean. Just read it. A teaser:

“People are often uncomfortable talking about sex, and get all weird about it. I think because it is so natural and normal for me, when I share about my sex life and sexuality, it helps other people to feel ok about themselves. So the sex work is related to my educational work.”

Go read it.

2) Y’all. If you ever hear that any of the following burlesque performers are dancing in your area at a time and place that you could feasibly get to, even if it means going a little out of your way, like leaving another party for it, or announcing to everyone in the room that you need to get to a party way cooler than the one you’re at and that they can all suck it, or if it means hitchhiking across a major desert and risking possible dismemberment… do it. Madame Rosebud. Holy shit. Her Bowie routine is… *drooool* And the champagne routine? Well. Let’s just say you gotta be someplace they don’t mind full nudity. IT’S WORTH IT. Apathy Angel. Uh, can you say stage-humping that makes me both want to lick her and cower before her? Medianoche. HOLY FUCKING SHIT drop whatever you are doing, even if it’s yourself, and GO SEE HER PERFORM. “Sin in an hourglass.” Yeah. That.

3) The above message brought to you by Fleshbot Friday at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club. Very excellent evening.

4) Doing a Neti Pot when your sinuses are super dried out kinda stings. 🙁

5) This video is my favorite:


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