A Links-y Thursday Afternoon

My loves.

I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks! I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger, and I hope you haven’t been left wandering the lonely alleyways of the interwebz, scared and cold, without me.

I’ve been very busy with some freelance work, mitigating some craziness at a publication I write and edit for, preparing to move (more on that to come!) and working on my book! The website itself has been under construction on the back end, as well, and is hopefully working more efficiently now. All in all, much is happening at Chez Lynsey G.

But I don’t want to leave you all hanging! I may not have had much time recently to pen my own words on this blog, but there has been a lot happening in the world that hasn’t made a whole lot of mainstream news. Things you might be interested in. Here are a few tastes:

  • In my last post, I mentioned the DHS and NYPD’s recent raid on RentBoy.com, which resulted in multiple arrests and the shuttering of the male escorting site. There has been much discussion in the past week or so about the motivations and aftermath for these events, and I find this one at the Daily Dot worth reading. I don’t agree entirely with the author, but he does bring up a lot of very good points, particularly about how intersectional identities must be taken into consideration when discussing sex workers’ rights, and provide some great links on the subject, so go have a look around!
  • Speaking of intersectionality, can we talk about how the count of transgender people have been reported (we have no idea how many are unreported) murdered in the U.S. this year has risen to nineteen? Can we talk about how important this is and how much it needs to stop? Can we talk about how most of these people were people of color and what that means? Can we remember that #blacklivesmatter and that includes #transblacklivesmatter and that we must remember to #sayhername?
    • Please read up on this. Learn more. Speak up everywhere you can. Spread the word.
    • Support and stand with trans people in your community with anything you have.
    • Please pledge to take the 2015 Trans Survey, or spread the word about it so that trans people you know may do so. The more that we can learn about the trans community, the better they can be served better on a larger scale.
    • Please sign this petition to the Obama administration for an official investigation into transphobic violence.
  • In lighter news, Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected and written an excellent examination of the idea that people can become addicted to vibrators over at The Daily Dose.
  • And in “thank god for the porn industry” news, there’s already a Donald Trump porn parody at WoodRocket.com. Dick Chibbles stars in surprisingly convincing makeup as “Donald Tramp – The XXX Parody.” I can’t say I want to watch it for sexual pleasure, but I might want to give it a go to help stem the anxiety that Trump’s presence on the political scene is causing.

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