After #NaNoWriMo, What Next?

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Check out this head shot. Makes you want to hire me, right?

Well, #NaNoWriMo 2018 has ended. I hope all you novelists kicked major novel-writing butt during this year’s month-long writing challenge! But now that it’s over…what are you planning to do with your draft?

Allow me to make a blunt suggestion: Bring it to me.

Let My Experience Guide You.

I’m not just a writer, folks. Sure, I’ve published journalism, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and memoir. But I’m also a publishing professional with well over a decade of experience in multiple facets of the industry. Over the years, I’ve worked for everything from academic presses to online magazines to major trade publishers to my own indie publishing company, to name just a few. At all these places, I’ve learned volumes about what makes a book shine, and I want to apply that expertise to your project, whether it’s a novel, a memoir, a how-to book, or even a collection of erotica. I’ve been a freelance copy editor and proofreader for the past five years, helping both Big Five publishers and private clients turn manuscripts into finished books. (You can check out my credentials here.)

I’ve operated as a writer, proofreader, editor, and publisher…and now I’m spreading my wings as a writing coach. A writing coach who wants to help you turn your #NaNoWriMo project (or any other book-length project) into a polished, pretty, publishable book!

Your Book Deserves Better.

Because here’s the thing: For the past twelve years, I’ve also been writing about sex as a journalist, commentator, and reviewer. Over that time, I’ve recognized a huge need in the world of publishing: professionals who embrace sexual subject matter and treat it with the dignity it deserves. I’ve read too many books about sex—sex worker memoirs, erotic romance novels, sexy story collections, etc.—that clearly didn’t get enough love from the editors who worked on them. I’ve seen books published without so much as a proofread, brilliant books released to the world with minimal editing and left out to dry. Books that deserved so much better than what they got. And I want to change that.

Expect More. Get More. Hit Me Up.

Right now, I’m accepting clients for one-on-one coaching as I hammer out the kinks in my processes, programs, and resources as a writing coach. I want to guide, nurture, and support you on your writing journey. And in return, I want you to help me by offering me honest feedback. Starting in mid-January 2019, I’m offering discounted rates on one-on-one coaching to a maximum of five students. Together, we’ll set out on a twelve-week adventure of epic proportions. Who wants to come along?

Hit me up at misslagsalot [at] gmail [dot] com for details, rates, and more! Let’s make your #NaNoWriMo draft into a book, baby!

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