Lynsey G.’s Holiday Gift Guide—to Stuff Made by Lynsey G.

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Don’t even step to this list if you’re not planning on tastefully wrapping these items. (Image via

Look, it’s the holidays. Everybody is trying to figure out what the heck to give to everyone they know, because although there are a zillion different holidays around this time of year, pretty much ALL of them involve gift-giving. But hey! I’ve got some ideas to help you out! Astonishingly (read: entirely predictably) they’re all things I made. Because this is my website and I do what I want. So, without further ado, here’s your Lynsey G.-centric gift guide for 2018!

My book!

Hey, did you know I wrote an informative book about the adult entertainment industry, cleverly disguised as a memoir of my time as a porn industry journalist? Did you know it’s called Watching Porn, and it won an IPPY Gold Medal? Or that it’s available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle? Welllllp, all those things are true. And so is the fact that you can order a signed copy directly from me! Get yours right here. (You can even get a sneak peek at the book’s insides by watching any of my live chapter reading videos!)

My comics!

  • Not so much into all those books without pictures? I get it, Gaston. For those with more graphic tastes, I’ve got a whole slew of comics that I published with my indie company, Oneshi Press! Our quarterly comics collections feature short works by yours truly as well as dozens of other creators from all over the world. Superheroes! Sexy scientists! Vigilante dogs! Dragons! River monsters! Aliens! Dinosaurs! These six anthologies have got it all, and they’re available in print and digital formats.
  • Got a dog lover on your list who’s also a comic book geek? I’ve got just the thing: The first issue of my comic series, PACK! With art from my partner Jayel Draco and lettering from Cardinal Rae, PACK #01: Humility tells the story of an egomaniacal mutt with a heart of gold. Together with a pack of vigilante stray dogs—and one stray man—he puts crime under the fang!

Merch, bebez!

There’s all kinds of Oneshi Press goodies up for grabs over at the online store! From shirts to totes to backpacks to mugs to towels to socks, you can nab original designs from Jayel Draco to stuff the stockings of your whole holiday list! Nab it here!


How about a gift that keeps on giving? My publishing company runs a Patreon, where subscribers get a steady stream of exclusive art downloads, sign-up goodies like original art, handwritten letters from Oneshi Press characters, and, of course, comics out the wazoo! Sign your loved one up for a monthly donation and get love and appreciation from both of us! Check it out right here.


Give the gift of writing coaching. Seriously, if you’ve got a writer on your list, I’m sure you know just how much support us wacky scribblers need. Writing is a lonely pursuit riddled with frustrations. Sometimes having backup is the only way to get through a project, or even a day. That’s where I come in! I’m accepting clients for my 2019 writing coaching practice right now, and I’m offering special package rates for prepaid one-on-one coaching programs. I specialize in organization, planning, and goal-setting for writers of book-length projects, and I would absolutely love to be a support system, experience sharer, and professional helper for the writer in your life. Hit me up at misslagsalot [at] gmail [dot] com for rates and details, and read more about my credentials and coaching goals in the meantime!

With all the above options, folks, I can’t imagine that you’d need to shop anywhere else for your holiday gift needs. This gift guide has definitely got it all covered. You’re welcome.


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