(Dendrophile) Am I the Only One…

…who desperately wants to take off her clothes and run around naked and rub my skin on everything when I’m in the woods? I went camping this past weekend and it’s a good thing I was with my partner’s family and that it was kind of chilly in the mountains, because I’d be really, really sunburned if not. Every time I saw a new plant I wanted to rip off my shirt and go stand near it so that when the wind hit it, it would brush against my tummy or my side. I think I’m actually a dendrophile.

Dendrophile ecosexconvergence.org at Lynsey G
Image from ecosexconvergence.org

I feel so connected, so raw, so full of love when I’m outside. So sensual and so in my body. I want to climb trees without shoes on, stretch out on moss nude, traipse amongst ferns naked. Skinnydip. Strip down and moan and writhe around with mud between my toes. I think… I think I’m an EcoSexual, y’all.

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