Attention, Everyone!

Two announcements to draw attention to things I’ve done or am doing! Self-promotion!

Hey, it’s my website. I do what I want!

attention lynsey g

1) I published a short essay at LUNA LUNA Mag called “The Mouth Breather.” This is the first installment of my once-a-month column on commuting via public transportation in NYC. I have a feeling a lot of these will  have to do with sex and gender relations, since that’s where my thought process usually goes in almost any interaction. But this will also be a place for me to write about not-as-sexually-fueled things, which I do occasionally want to think/talk/write about. Occasionally. Don’t worry, though, other people are already writing about sex/gender stuff, and I’ll also be doing a once-a-month sex advice column, starting in two weeks! Send your questions to lunalunamag @ gmail dot com!

2) I’ll be reading this Sunday at the Third Annual New York City Poetry Festival! I’ll be lounging lasciviously at the Poetry Brothel tent for most of the day doing readings for payment, and I’ll be doing a free public reading on the Algonquin Stage at around 12:20, too! The festival is free (suggested donation $10) and features hundreds of poets, vendors, food trucks, and a chance to sit around on Governor’s Island on a gorgeous summer day. Would love to see any and/or all of you there!

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