California Voters: Prop 60 Won’t Protect Adult Performers. VOTE NO.

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In the state of California, there’s a ballot initiative slated for the general election in November called Proposition 60. The most salient feature of Prop 60 appears to be a new and more enforceable mandate that would require adult film performers in California to use condoms, which sounds pretty innocuous to outsiders. But as a cursory glance at almost any pornographer or porn performer’s social media, a glance at any major newspaper in the state of California, or a rundown of prominent sex-positive and progressive media outlets recent headlines will show, Prop 60 is a lot more sinister than its glossy “pro-safer-sex” veneer might lead you to believe.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve held myself back from writing about this because I’m in the process of writing a book about the things I’ve learned from the porn industry, and I didn’t want to dilute the waters of the chapter dedicated to the long-fought war between the adult film industry and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation whose founder, Michael Weinstein, wrote Prop 60.

When I finally got my draft finished, I started pitching articles to lots of websites I write for. I wanted to tell the world why Michael Weinstein’s bizarre obsession with forcing condoms onto porn performers is so dangerous and why those condoms won’t do nearly as much good as people seem to think they will. But, I’m extremely happy to report that, when I started pitching my article ideas about a month ago, I was met with a chorus of nos. Not because people weren’t interested, but because all of the publications I approached had either already written about why Prop 60 is a bad idea, why Wienstein is not to be trusted, and why pornographers are justifiably outraged and scared of Prop 60. Basically, the world already knows. And that, I think, is wonderful!

So here is a round-up of some articles and videos and bits of info that I’m so happy are out there. I’ll chime in to say that if you live in California, please vote no on Prop 60 in November. Don’t fall for the “Protect Porn Stars” logic that’s being spouted by Weinstein’s multimillion-dollar ad campaign. Porn stars are doing just fine at protecting themselves, as one of the most rigorously STI-tested populations on the planet, and if you try to force them to make decisions for their bodies that they disagree with, you’ll be sad to see pornography fleeing California for less-friendly environs, the quality of much porn declining, and the tax revenue form a multi-billion-dollar industry siphoned off to Vegas.

But don’t take my word for it:

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