Technical Difficulties

I wanted to let readers know that I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties with my Internet connection recently (and working a lot and travelling a bit), all of which has been keeping me from blogging for the past week. Apologies, my lovelies! 

I’ve ordered some new tech to hopefully fix the situation soon, but until it arrives I can’t do much blogging-related stuff. In the meantime, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves in whatever ways you can. Remember that it’s okay to be sad, to feel lost, to look into darkness. And remember, too, when tou are ready, that there are resources out there to access, love to find, and action  to take.

It’s been a difficult week and a half since the election,  and I believe most readers of this blog share similar feelings of shock,  betrayal, and well-warranted fear. It took me a few days, and a lot of quality time with loved ones,  and seeing the action-oriented resistance to hatred mobilizing, and being active in the #NODAPL Day of Action, to shiver my way out of profound depression. 

This video from the luminous Jeffrey Marsh helped a lot. Give it a watch.
But isn’t it wonderful to see people around the country and the world coming together to stand up for themselves and each other and what is good? It remains to be seen exactly what we’ll  be up against the next four years, but I’m doing my best to stay hopeful because I’m seeing so much to be hopeful about. 

And hey, Prop 60 was defeated in California! And marijuana was made more legal in lots of places! We will atull have great porn and weed! So at least there’s that! 

Stay wonderful, my darlings! 

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