“Change the world through sex. Because you can.” And other links, too.

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The Gucci Gator, snapped during my last visit to the Black Apartment

Busy week, y’all! Networking lunches being scheduled, art under way for two book projects, a new movie idea proposal being drafted, editing a short story and a kids’ book, and still working on an article for possible mainstream publication about the porn industry. So little time for thinking and writing here! Sooooo more links to things other people are writing that are worth your attention and thinkboxes!

1) Cindy Gallop is one of those women who, every time I think maybe I’ve been over-Galloped and could stand to stop bathing myself in her reflected glory, goes and blows my mind again. Like when I realized I was pitching an article featuring interviews with a bunch of people besides Cindy, and yet kept referring to Cindy instead of anyone else, and I thought, “Maybe I should back off the Gallop.” And then she went and published this blast of an open letter to English Prime Minister David Cameron, exorting him not to ban porn, but to open up to it. A concise and brilliant recap of everything I believe about the porn industry, summed up with, “change the world through sex. Because you can.”

2) “Slut-pills” are trending as a topic to watch. Cue sex hysteria! But let’s be honest: a pill you take around the time you have sex to prevent pregnancy would most likely be taken by women who don’t actually have all that much sex. Not that, if you ask a lot of people, a low level of sex disqualifies you from being a slut… but that’s a whole other article.

3) 5 ways that “staying safe” from rape actually costs women plenty. Just like we spend more than we get credit for on basic body maintenance and “feminine hygiene,” the steps we take to avoid assault are higher than we may think.

4) A thought-provoking lil’ look at “the girlie voice” that so many women put on strategically, often without realizing it. I know I do this all the time, especially at home with my partner. Is it because I want him to find me cute? Or because I AM cute and want to be taken more seriously–and thus use a more “manly” voice–outside the house? Hm….

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