Cinekink: Opening Gala and Short Films

Last night, the annual Cinekink NYC film festival started off with a limited amount of banging at its opening gala at Taj on 21st street. Of course, with a fabulously dressed door staff, delicious drinks on tap, waitresses bouncing about in lovely getups, and the super-fun staff of Cinekink themselves all in attendance, I only say “a limited amount of banging” because rather than watching full-length films full of hot sex and kink, the crowd watched very short films full of eroticism and, of course, kink. More banging will come later in the week as longer films that often include banging as their subject matter are shown!

But in no way do I mean the party last night wasn’t a preview of the incredible week to come. The sizeable crowd was treated to short films from directors Roy Raz (The Lady is Dead), Debi Oulu (My Erotic Video Art), Erika Lust (Love Hotel), and Toby Fell-Holden (Shake It). I enjoyed all the films, which were chosen expertly from a field of many for their quality and variety: The Lady is Dead, for instance, was a veritable orgy of lavishly streamlined imagery, whereas Love Hotel and Shake It both told, in respectively sylish and goofy ways, the intimate stories of couples’ sexy encounters, and My Erotic Video Art was an adorably sexy look at the phalluses a pottery wheel can produce.

Coming, as I was, directly from a day of work and a night class, I was very disappointed to miss live performances from NYC’s best and boobs-iest performers N, Leta Le Noir, and Sweet Lorraine, but I did catch a glimpse of the ever-ebullient Ms. N later on in raucous magenta finery and a platinum blond wig–she is always a joy to behold, even if she’s not gyrating and taking off her clothes, because she is so damn SHINY. I did not, however, miss the raffle of numerous tidbits, including a host of envy-inducing and also shiny toys from njoy, and was able to drool openly over them as they were given away. Sigh. Next year I will be ON TIME, dammit, and I will WIN some of that stuff!

The best surprise of the night, I would have to say, was the crowd’s rendition to Lisa Vandever, Cinekink’s head honcho, of “Happy Birthday!” I had no idea going in that it was Lisa’s birthday, but what a way to bring the next year in! Sexy films, sex toy giveaways, and a sexy crowd that you get to spend the rest of the week watching kinky movies with? Sounds like a slice of heaven!

Join me tomorrow for a recap of tonight’s film (or films; I may have to arrive late again if a work meeting goes as planned, but then again, I may not!)! This is going to be one hell of a week!

And in the meantime, for your enjoyment: The Lady is Dead:

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