Come Hear Me Read About “The Guys” This Sunday!

Video of Chapter 8

Just after the solstice, I read “Chapter 8: In the Flesh” from my memoir Watching Porn! That chapter was all about the first adult industry convention I ever attended as a journalist. And how impressed I was by the women I met, how amazed I was that they would talk to me, and how I developed a few big-time crushes. Check out the video below, on YouTube, or on my Facebook page!

Get Ready for Chapter 9

This Sunday I’ll be live on Facebook, reading Chapter 9 from Watching Porn. This chapter is going to be fun and difficult all at once. It’s the chapter where I remember the male porn stars I met at my first-ever adult industry convention back in 2009. How many of them were kind, charming, respectful, attractive…and how one of them was…not. Any of those things.

It’s a tough chapter for me because it calls up memories of some trauma. But it’s also an important chapter, because as much as I’m a champion of the porn industry, I have to acknowledge that it’s not all good all the time. In this chapter, I was on the receiving end of just the teensiest, tiniest tip of a much larger iceberg of exploitation, boundary violations, and grossness that do exist.

So hey. Let’s talk about it. And how those violations could be mitigated if we all decided to take them seriously. Along the way, we’ll have a few laughs, too. Because it’s definitely not all bad.

I’ll go live around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 6 on my Facebook page. I’ll read the chapter, then open the live chat up to discussion to field your questions! Drop by and say hi!

Time’s Running Out!

I’m counting down to the first days of my 2019 writing coaching sessions, and the beginning of my limited 8-week book-organization workshop! If you’ve got a book idea and you’re looking for some help planning, goal-setting, and implementing your creation process, hit me up at misslagsalot [at] gmail [dot] com! Let’s see if we can help each other make 2019 the year you write your book!

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