I Have Two New Comics Out! Squee!

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Oh, my darlings! I am beside myself with excitement, and you might be, too! I have two new comics out in the world RIGHT NOW!

They’re both in the newest Oneshi Press comics anthology—the seventh one, if you can believe it! They’re both beautiful and filled to bursting with badassery. And I want to show them to you. I actually did leaf through both of them on camera during my last chapter-reading live-stream, so you can get in on that action at the 18:00 mark at this link riiiiight here!


I’m super-duper proud—maybe a little ridiculously proud—of “Guts,” my first one-off 8-page short comic ever! It’s a short, sweet, and ultimately dark AF tale of LGBTQ longing, kitty companionship, and magical horror that will make you squee, chuckle, and gasp in equal measures. With adorably perfect art from Diana Camero, writing by yours truly, and lettering from Cardinal Rae, I’m also really proud to say that “Guts” is an entirely female-created short comic. Go grab it in the 60-page trade paperback that is Oneshi Press Anthology #07 right now! It’ll be out in digital format later this month, and eventually “Guts” will also be available as a one-off digital comic, too.


Tracy Queen V2.2

The second eight-page installment from Tracy Queen V2 is also out in this new anthology, and, folks, it looks amazing. My favorite feminist hero kicks a totally unreasonable amount of ass in the process of rescuing several women from a horrible situation. As she thinks about what comes next, she makes a big decision: She’s going to change the way the world sees female sexuality. And she’s going to have a lot of sex on camera to do it. Read all about it, along with stunning art from Jayel Draco and lettering from Cardinal Rae, in Oneshi Press Anthology #07! It’s out in trade paperback right now! Along with…


Five Other Short Comics

My comics aren’t the only ones gracing these pages, people. There are five other super-rad short comics from over a dozen creators! Gorgeous cover art by Walter Ostlie! Guest art from a whole bunch of amazing artists! So much goodness is packed into this 60-page volume that we’re basically exploding with excitement about it. Take a peek inside, and then take a moment to order your copy right the heck here!

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