A Dispatch from a Dark Corner: Lisa Vandever of CineKink

Image by Jayel Draco.
Image by Jayel Draco.

This dispatch really is from a dark corner! The co-founder, director, and curator of the CineKink film festival, Lisa Vandever, and I sat down in the far back corner of a tea parlor in the West Village last week (there were tea sandwiches!) and talked about kink in her life and on film, the evolution of “the kinky film festival,” watching porn in a theater full of people, creepy guys at play parties, orgasm noises, and lots more!

“I still cringe when I’m watching an S/M film, and it’s hot and juicy, and then the character is murdered or arrested, or something bad happens. Or there’s the disavowal. Like, ‘Oh, that was a wacky thing I was into! And now I’m going to have kids and be normal.’ I just wanted to find films that didn’t have that message. Films that showed that it was okay to explore these different, divergent paths.”

Jayel Draco once again provides a fantastic illustration of the scene, so go see it and read the whole thing at Nerve.com!


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