By Hand

I had a sexy weekend. Rich in all things sexy, including food and sex and wine and pens.

Yeah, pens.

I love to write by hand (like Shannong Brugh, who wrote this piece for Luna Luna, which is in turn inspiring photos of handwritten notes by the Luna Luna staff on social media), on a piece of smooth paper, with a new pen that glides just right over the paper, leaving a delicious ink-trail behind. It’s visceral, it’s sensual, it’s… mmmm….

Anyway, this weekend I bought a multicolored twelve-pack of new pens, and you guys, I laid them out on the couch and rolled around in them. So freaking sexy.

And then I wrote one of my favorite snippets from my upcoming poetry chapbook on one and took a picture.


Oh yeah. See that fresh ink? Unnngggghhhh….

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