DRONE BONING IS A THING and I am conflicted about it (but mostly mesmerized)

You guys. You guys. Oh my god, you guys. My brain is a whirling, whorling mass of confusion right now. Because DRONE BONING has apparently arrived. And yes, it is porn filmed by a drone.

I can’t… I mean… I just… Oh, just watch the trailer. (VERY NSFW, duh.)


On the one hand, I am incredibly, terribly, horribly freaked out by drones of all kinds. While I’ve heard lots of arguments for robots as the next phase of evolution, and while I adore the writing of Isaac Asimov, I still just can’t stomach the idea of automated plane-things being incorporated fully into my daily existence. Especially watching me all the time. I do not like the power of the surveillance state as it stands, and the introduction of drones into the world of Totally Normal, You Guys just terrifies me. Not to mention the fact that drones are still being used all over the world to kill people, many of whom are innocent of any crime. So Drone Boning is scary to me–I don’t want these things normalized. I don’t want them delivering my mail. And I certainly don’t want them catching me en flagrante next time I decide to do it al fresco, which I admittedly very much enjoy from time to time.

But. BUT. Dude. I mean look at this footage! It is obscenely beautiful. The music helps a bunch (I wonder if they actually got the rights to use that song and I kind of doubt they did), but the sweeping shots of gorgeous, high-definition natural (and man-made) landscapes is simply stunning. And I love the way that the sex is worked in as part of the natural landscape rather than The Main Event. I find it beautiful that in these images, we see humans as part of the world, doing what animal parts of the world do, in the sun and the mist and the dirt. In one scene there’s even a dog running by as a couple goes at it on the beach. The dog, like the ocean and the sand and the rocks, is completely unconcerned by what’s going on. And something about that is so completely refreshing, as opposed to our usual hysterical fascination with sex. It’s relaxing. It’s gorgeous. And it still has enough of a sense of humor to call itself “Drone Boning.” I’m mesmerized. This may be, on the whole, the best use of drone technology I’ve ever heard of.

Maybe that’s the thing about robotics and AI, really, as far as “next stage of evolution” theorizing: to them, we are just part of the organic landscape. And… we really, truly, are. We have gotten ourselves so far away from the fact that we are animals and part of the world that the idea of having sex outside is sort of exotic and extra-risque, but honestly… that’s how we all got here in the first place, if you go far enough back. And that’s kind of beautiful. Especially when captured by a mostly objective, non-organic eye that sees us as more of the same stuff as the grapevines and trees.


I need to get my hands on a copy of this film.

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