Interview with Erica Schultz on Luna Luna!

Illustration by Jayel Draco
Illustration by Jayel Draco

Last month I went to New York Comic Con (and wrote a few articles about it here), on the hunt for female comics creators, writers, artists, and publishers. There weren’t as many as I wished there had been, but in both the indie booths and Artists’ Alley, ladyfolk (and lots of folks, too, I might add, whose gender was not so straightforward, which is so fantastic!) were abundant!

I sat down with the co-creator and writer of M3 and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary, and writer on Marvel’s Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne, to talk about making comics independently, as a woman. We also discussed baked goods, salmon, her co-creators, keeping all your e-mails on your phone, and lots more! Then artist Jayel Draco made an illustration of the two of us talking, and now there’s this fantastic interview over a Luna Luna! Life is good!

Please read the whole interview at Luna Luna, be inspired, and go forth to make comics!

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