“Dwayne” Ends Tonight!!

I absolutely cannot believe that the campaign to fund “Dwayne” is almost over!

The past few weeks have absolutely flown by in a haze of amazement over the amount of support you’ve shown for this strange story about a disconcerting boulder and his disgruntled roommate.

With your support, the campaign has reached well 350% of its original funding goal (as of the time I’m writing this). We’ve smashed right past three stretch goals. And more than 100 people are going to be receiving a copy of “Dwayne” as an e-book, an audiobook, and/or a paperback!

…like the one I’m holding in this picture! Doesn’t it look amazing?! I can’t wait to see your copy in your hands.

But Paperback’s Just a Start

“Dwayne” is also available as an e-book and an audiobook (narrated by yours truly)! So, if you’re not much of a physical book reader, you can find another way to take in this surreal story in the way that works best for you!

There are lots of other rewards available, too! Like an art print of the cover by Jayel Draco, buttons, stickers, postcards, other works by Oneshi Press, and more. You can grab them all now on Kickstarter…but only until 7:00 MST tonight, when the campaign ends!

Celebrate With Me!

I’m so amazed at the support “Dwayne” has received. Writing strange, surreal fiction that brings a chuckle and a grimace of existential discomfort has been my dream since I was very young. (Well, okay, when I was very young, my tastes may not have been quite so Kafka-esque. But you get the idea.)

And you are helping me make that dream a reality with “Dwayne”!

I’ll be counting down the last hours of the campaign alongside Jayel Draco LIVE on Twitch tonight, and I want you to be there!

Sign in to Twitch (it’s free and very easy!) to join the live chat between 5:30 and 7:30 pm MST (UTC -7) so we can answer your questions, get to know each other, and celebrate the amazing outpouring of support you’ve shown for this novella. I can’t wait to see you there!

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