I’m in the (Home) Studio

Check it out! I’m in the studio! The home studio, that is.

I’m Recording the “Dwayne” Audiobook

Dwayne” is my novella about a woman who wakes up one day to find a 15-ton boulder in her living room. She’s forced to live with the rock she calls “Dwayne” until the insurance company can sort out what to do about having it removed, and it changes her life, for better and for worse.

The fund-raiser to create an e-book, a paperback, and an audiobook of “Dwayne” is ending on Tuesday, February 22, so I’ve begun recording in my home office!

As you can see, the studio I’ve set up at my desk is a pretty low-key affair. That makes sense, since this is the first time I’ve recorded an audiobook at home.

lynsey g audiobook

This Ain’t My First Rodeo

But it’s not the first time I’ve recorded an audiobook, period! Back in 2018, I spent about a week in a professional studio here in Missoula, Montana, to record the narration for my memoir, Watching P()rn

(You can check out Watching P(o)rn on AudibleAmazonGoogle Play, or Kobo if you’d like—I won’t mind!)

Recording at a studio was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience!

Prepare For Audio Realness

Now, I’m taking everything I learned from Watching P(o)rn and applying it to recording “Dwayne”! Which is to say… Never fear! This is going to be a professionally recorded audiobook! (Well, mostly. I’m not saying I’m going to do silly voices…but let’s just say it’s not outside the realm of possibility.)

Plus, if we hit our $5K stretch goal before the campaign to fund “Dwayne” ends on Tuesday, February 22… We’re getting professional ambient sound-scaping from the amazing David Gueringer of Next Arc Studios! 

If you’d like to hear the results of my studio time, you can preorder an audiobook (or e-book, or paperback, or all three!) of “Dwayne” at the Kickstarter page that’s live right now!

Well, whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or of “Dwayne” or not, I thought you’d enjoy that sneaky peek into my home studio setup. I hope you’re well and enjoying your February, dear reader!

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