Fashion Meltdown

What does one wear to the Feminist Porn Awards?

The simple answer, clearly, is whatever the hell one wants.

However, I find that the simple answer presupposes a level of understanding of and/or comfort with fashion. Which I do not really possess. I can put together outfits that look ok, but as far as projecting my preferred version of myself via the clothing adorning my body and thus communicating my sense of style… I’ve never been very good at that. I like to be comfortable

I need help. If you had to choose from the following, which would you recommend?

1) A Bowie-Esque light blue suit

2) A black-and-white stripe theme, possibly with a corset involved?

3) A sparkly, short sweater dress

4) Jeans and comfy top?

Please help. I am not fashionable enough for the FPAs.


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