Feature Article in BUST Magazine!

It’s finally spring, and it’s time for me to do a little bragging! If you pick up a copy of BUST Magazine (one of the premier feminist magazines) this month, be prepared for a bunch of awesome. First of all, Melissa McCarthy is on the cover, and she is a boss. And there are tons of great articles and interviews and a cool art feature on crazy art nails, and…. on page 54… there’s this!

bust magazine audrey munson columbia triumphant by jayel draco 1 lynsey g
The photo of Columbia Triumphant, featuring a sculpture of Audrey Munson, is by Jayel Draco!

Who’s that girl? Why, it’s me!

I wrote an article about my hero/idol/obsession, the artists model Audrey Munson, who you have probably seen in person or in photos, as she modeled for famous sculptures that can be seen all over New York City, San Francisco, and elsewhere. Audrey’s amazing story–her rise to fame as a scandalous but hardworking “naked girl” at the very beginning of the modern age in the 1910s, and her subsequent fall from grace as she was pushed from the pinnacle of fame by someone else’s crime and her advancing years, followed by a whole lifetime in a mental institution–has driven me mad with fascination for years. I wrote an entire book of poetry about her, which is currently seeking a publisher (hint hint!), and now I am happy to report that BUST has taken an interest in her story, as told by yours truly!

bust magazine audrey munson article lynsey g
An interior shot of my super-glossy article in BUST Magazine!

The April/May issue of BUST isn’t available for sale yet, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m so excited, I had to share the news! When it’s on newsstands in a few weeks, please pick up a copy and enjoy!

BUST Magazine April/May cover lynsey g
It’ll look like this!

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