What Women Want: An Interview with Angie Rowntree

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A promo shot for Sssh.com’s recent film “Gone”

The porn industry and much of the rest of the world has been scratching its head over the question of what women want for as long as anyone can remember. The only answer that seems forthcoming is “It’s complicated,” but that leaves most of us scratching our heads even harder.

So I talked to Angie Rowntree, the founder of Sssh.com. Her website has been making porn directed at women for almost two decades, and for that entire time, she’s been collecting responses to a survey asking her mostly female membership what they want to see. She’s also, during her seventeen years in business, collected submissions of fantasies and ideas for videos from her members. This might make her the one person on earth with  more insights into women’s sexy minds than anyone else. She’s not bound to the strict rules of scientific inquiry, or to the whims of producers or higher-ups who hold her back. Angie is limited only by the dirty imaginations of her site members–and they don’t hold back.

Some popcorn-munching-worthy tidbits? Two-thirds of her members watch porn alone–wave goodbye to the idea that women only watch porn to please their partners! The women Angie has surveyed love spanking, despise spitting, and can’t make up their minds about whether they find anal sex gross or great.

Refinery29 has all the deets! Enjoy!

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