Feeling Generous? Here Are Some Crowdfunding Options!

Have a heart! Give a buck!
Have a heart! Give a buck!

Ever have that “It’s Friday and I just got paid and I want to donate to some worthy causes” feeling? I bet you do. Based upon your internet reading habits, you are clearly a person of discerning taste, intelligence, and all-around classiness, so I’m willing to bet you are a generous and loving soul, to boot.

There are a few causes dear to my heart that I’d like to share with you, to aid you in lightening your purse (all that cash weighs you down in this oppressive summer heat, amirite?) and easing your conscience! All are worth your dollars, and each is worth a social-media boost, at least!

  1. Tobi Hill-Meyer, an award-winning filmmaker, activist, educator, performer, and all-around visionary, is starting a Patreon to make her website, DoingItOnline.com, sustainable. I won’t tell you everything about the project here, because it is so big and so deep and so damn important, but the short pitch is: “Doing It Online is an ongoing erotic documentary series focusing on the issues and concerns affecting trans women, our partners, and our communities. The aim is to paint a wholistic portrait of trans women’s sexuality by delving in to what is important to each individual on the series and not shying away from explicit sexuality.” In other words, Tobi’s work is groundbreaking, sometimes heartbreaking, uplifting, beautiful, and of vital importance to its community and the world at large. Doing It Online is a huge part of this work, and it needs your help. Please consider donating.
  2. I’ve already told you about Snapshot, multiple-award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston’s first-ever independent feature-length erotic film, but suffice it to say, it’s going to be fantastic and it needs help to get off the ground. Just take a peek at any of her previous work, from the Crash Pad Series to Heavenly Spire to Bed Party to Put the Needle on the Record to… like… everything else, and you’ll realize this one is worth a few dollars if you’ve got ’em. Check out the IndieGoGo, pick your perk, and give some bucks!
  3. I don’t know if you’ve been reading the “Guitarist vs. Geico” articles I’ve been helping with over at Luna Luna, but if you haven’t been… read them. Like, yesterday. Guitarist and badass Lily Maase is writing a series detailing her experience as one victim of a seven-car pileup in which she was badly injured, which led to an epic battle with her insurance company, a series of unraveling and progressive injuries, and a reevaluation of her life. The series is riveting, and the story is ongoing; Lily was recently injured in another accident, which was also not her fault (it was actually caused by a police officer who ran a red light), and which totaled her new car. Some of her friends have started a GoFundMe to help her get as much of this sorted out as possible, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.
  4. Queer porn icon Courtney Trouble is running a fundraiser to help fund their upcoming foray into an MFA program. The trailblazing filmmaker and performer is hoping to raise enough that they will be able to leave the day-to-day operation of their company in capable hands while pursuing a graduate degree, and they  need some assistance to do so! Give the campaign a look!


Now get out there, you classy, tasteful, smart, and sexy doers of good deeds! Make somebody’s day!

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