Luna Luna: If You Want a Job Done Right…


A new installment of my “Luna Luna Love + Lust” sex advice column has arrived!

This time I talk to two letter writers who are trying to get back in touch with their sensual sides, one of whom “loses interest” in dirty deeds, and another who, after a lifetime of sexual violence, manipulation, fear, and shame, has rediscovered her wild side through erotic literature and has a volley of questions about squirting, gay porn, and how much masturbation is too much.

My answer? Get it! But before you go out to conquer the world, get it on with yourself. A lot.

“The goal is to keep having fun with your own body until you’re giving yourself screaming orgasms, whether that takes one sensual session or months of exploration. And I mean, really, if you want to take months where “Masturbate” is on your to-do list every day? That sounds pretty awesome…Basically just work on feeling good inside your own skin.”

Read the rest at Luna Luna, and send me your questions!

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