My First P*rnhub Video, a Tracy Queen Quiz, and Socks!

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My First P*rnhub Video Is Live

So, I’m finally on P0rnhub, folks.

Really. I’m serious. I’ve been writing about the adult entertainment industry as a critic, journalist, memoirist, and graphic novelist for over a decade, and I finally made the leap…

The leap into promoting my sex-positive graphic novel on the world’s biggest p0rn site!

Okay, so I was only kind of serious. I am on P*rnhub! I’m just fully clothed. And I’m talking about my efforts to fund my graphic novel on Kickstarter. Hey, this site might be the least responsible use of technology in the history of the world. It may have decimated adult entertainment communities. It may flagrantly violate numerous laws and be run by criminals. BUT—and this is a huge “but”—it gets hundreds of millions of visits a day, and it will let you upload literally anything. If I can get a few more Kickstarter pledges utilizing this massive platform, cool. And if I can make a point about how literally anyone can upload anything with no questions asked and how unbelievably irresponsible that is…I’m fine with that, too.

But why put my Kickstarter video on P0rnhub in the first place? More on that below. But first…

What Tracy Queen Character Are You? Find Out with this Quiz!

In other news, if you’ve spent hours lying awake at night, wondering which character from Tracy Queen you’d be… Lie awake no more! Thanks to my dear friend and Tracy Queen enthusiast, DeusNova42, now there’s a quiz that will tell you once and for all: What Tracy Queen Character Are You?

Answer just a few simple questions and you’ll finally know definitively where you fit. Are you a Tracy? Or more of a Nikola? Howe about a Dickie Doublefinger? What about a Natasha Blue? Or are you the sweet, silly Howie? Find out now, then share your results on social media and in the comments below! I’m dying to know who’s who.

Just in case you’re wondering, I got Tracy.

And check this out! This quiz is just the beginning. As more characters get introduced to the series, Deus will add them to the quiz…so keep checking back to see if your results have changed!

Kickstarter Links, Suppression, and Socks

And don’t forget to share the link to the ongoing Kickstarter to fund Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments! Every share is deeply important because I’m fighting an uphill battle against the forces of repression to get this book funded.

Discussions of sexuality are being suppressed on social media. And, because Tracy Queen is a rampantly s*x-positive series, we’re kind of obligated to talk about the s-e-x word on the Kickstarter campaign page. We also tend to mention it in the video, in social media posts, and elsewhere, because…well, that’s kind of the whole thing about the project. It’s about the power of s*x as a force of empowerment, liberation, and pleasure.

But social media doesn’t like that. Anybody talking about s-e-x must be dirty, perverse, and probably doing something illegal. So nobody sees the things we post. We’re being majorly suppressed.

So we’re launching a campaign to talk about online suppression…by way of socks. The word “socks” doesn’t alert algorithms that we’re bad people. Look! I can write it all I want: Socks. Socks. And more socks. See? No asterisks, sneaky use of hyphens, no numbers. Just the word. Socks. It’s so easy! And using it allows us to show up in search results and to be seen and shared on social media. So…sock-positive messaging it is!

Please read this clever masterpiece I wrote about the importance of socks-positivity in media and online! And then please share the link to that blog post or the link to the Tracy Queen Kickstarter! If this project is going to get funded, it will be because people like you were willing to stick their necks out and say that they support socks-positivity. Loud and proud is the only way to be heard, so I’m asking you, my darling readers, to help me make some noise.

Thanks so much for your support!

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