Speaking Out Against the Silence

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Remember that recent post about how hard it was for me to talk about my Kickstarter? The one where I talk about socks because “sex” is too scary for algorithms?

Yeah. I’m still pissed about all that.

A New Article at Women Write About Comics

So I headed over to Women Write About Comics and went on an absolute tear about being silenced. I’m so grateful to their editor, Wendy Browne, who magnanimously let me rant about shadow banning, SESTA/FOSTA, the silencing of sexuality, and resistance. Here’s a nibble:

Sex has been used as a weapon against all of us for a long, long time. Especially those of us who aren’t straight, cisgender, white, able-bodied men. We’ve been taught that our sexuality is shameful, aberrant, evil. We’ve been used, abused, assaulted. We’ve been beaten down and made to hate our bodies. All by the wielding of sex as the enemy. But I believe that sex can also be the site of our resistance. 

You can read the rest of the article right here!

A Q&A with Luna Luna Magazine

I also spoke to Luna Luna Magazine‘s founding editor, Lisa Marie Basile, who is an absolute force of nature. We talked about Tracy Queen, the character and the book, why it matters, and how readers can help fight the good fight with us. A little taste:

Folks with a penchant for weird, pulpy, sci-fi could enjoy this series, because there is a lot of bizarre, over-the-top junk science that’s a total delight! But Tracy’s story goes really deep into the ways in which internalized misogyny can keep women living as lesser-than when they’re capable of so much more. And sometimes that “more” is being open about their sexuality, even profiting on it. So I think anyone interested in the intersection of feminism and sex work will find a lot to enjoy…as long as they’re into some truly weird shit, also. 

Finish the Q&A over here!

Still Kickstarting!

The Kickstarter to fund Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments is live until next Friday! We’re picking up a little speed, but we’ve still got quite a long way to go! We’re revealing new guest art every few days, unveiling new rewards as we reach the end of the campaign, and rocking the hell out of a Kickstarter that nobody wants us to be able to talk about.

Kickstarter, by the way, is an all-or-nothing gambit. If we’re even a dollar short of our goal by the time the campaign ends on February 20, we don’t get a single cent of the money backers have pledged. Yikes.

Help us get to our goal by sharing the link, telling your friends, or pledging any amount you can—every like, comment, share, and mention helps at on. (Hint hint: Every backer gets a copy of the book in print and/or digital!) Break the silence!

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