Food for Thought: The Post-Weekend Edition

I had quite a weekend. The Vanilla Party, “A DELICIOUSLY DECADENT FETISH FANTASY SUPER SEXY DUB STEP PARTY, COSTUME PLAY EVENT,” on Friday night was wild (see photo above for reference). Sadly my camera guy wasn’t able to come so I didn’t get the press footage I wanted (grump!) but yeah, definitely check it out next year if you’re into fashion, fetish, or the sexy lifestyle. It’s quite the experience. This year’s theme was Geishas, so there was beautiful performance art of many kinds, from shibari to geisha to The Human Carpet! Wish I’d had my equipment and arrived earlier; next year will be different!

I also had two friends in from out of town, a Poetry Brothel Masquerade to attend, and no time to attend to my e-mails or the internet. Today I’m back! And how!

1) I went to two events on Friday night. The Human Carpet was at both. If my social circles are the same as his… hm… what does this mean? I think it means that we’re both faaaabulous.

2) Christina Page has done a short but really interesting interview with a “webcam model enthusiast” who spends around a thousand dollars a month on webcam shows. It seems like a simple concept, but in the scheme of who gets to speak openly about their involvement with sex work, we rarely hear from those on the payment end. The “johns” or the consumers or the what-have-yous. It’s important to get all sides of the story.

3) The Feminist Porn Conference has put out a call for papers! I know lots of people who should submit by January 4th.

4) This is funny and sad and important, all at once (and SFW)!

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