Free Sample of “The Great Nations of Rendaraia” Now Available from Oneshi Press

great nations sample by jayel draco

At Oneshi Press, we’re working on three book projects. One of them, The Great Nations of Rendaraia, is coming along beautifully. It’s full of gorgeous artwork about the history of the greatest civilizations in the fantasy world of Rendaraia, and how those civilizations fell. Narrated by a character in the book, with illustrations and text by Jayel Draco (and editing and consulting by yours truly), The Great Nations is so freaking fantastic that we decided we just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

So we’ve decided to release a sample of it–the first chapter, to be exact–as a free downloadable PDF file, for everyone to enjoy! Click the link below and download your copy!

Share it with all your fantasy-loving friends! Tell us what you like (on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or Patreon)! We want your feedback, praise, criticism, and whatever else you’ve got to throw our way.

We won’t be able to keep sharing the work in progress for free–this is a one-time freebie! We hope that if you like what you see, you’ll become part of the Oneshi community over at Patreon. Subscribers can continue to see work progress on The Great Nations of Rendaraia and our other projects, and join the conversation about all of the worlds we’re building. So come on over and join the fray.

Oh, and bring some friends! The more people subscribe, the faster we’ll be able to finish these projects and send our worlds out into yours!



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