Montana Medical Marijuana Mess on Leafly

montana marijuana lynsey g

Excellent news, everyone! I’m now writing for Leafly, one of the world’s leading legal cannabis websites, about my adventures in trying to get a medical marijuana card in the great state of Montana, where there’s currently a gigantic kerfuffle going on over the green stuff.

I’ve been trying to get my card since this winter, when I walked into a dispensary for some advice about ten minutes after the Montana State Supreme Court upheld 2011 legislation that would severely restrict the cannabis industry in the state, effectively regulating it out of existence. Since then, I’ve been poking the idea of getting mary jane to help with my insomnia and chronic pain, but it’s been an uphill battle. Wide open spaces, big skies, grizzly bears, and grumpy politicians who don’t like the ganja. That’s Montana for you.

The good folks over at Leafly are into the story, too, so the first installatment of “Inside the Montana Medical Marijuana Mess” has just gone up over there! Enjoy!

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