“Gravity” at Titillating Tongues

Well… I hate that this is on video for the world to see, because much as I love performing, I hate watching or hearing myself perform. Even after spending most of my life on stages of different kinds and interviewing porn stars on video for the past several years almost constantly, something about the sound of my voice makes me want to curl up and die. Bizarre manifestation of insecurities, anyone? But now is not the time for worrying about all that! Now is the time for action! So here, watch this and don’t tell me my voice sounds funny! I’m really very proud of this piece, called “Gravity,” which I read at The Inspired Word’s “Titillating Tongues” last week at the SoHo Playhouse in NYC! I may post the entire piece (this version was edited for time) elsewhere on the site.

0 thoughts on ““Gravity” at Titillating Tongues

  1. RainbowBrite says:

    loved it so hard I cried. it hits so close to home right now… always.


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