Happy Fourth Book Birthday, “Watching P//rn”!

I can’t believe it! Today marks the fourth birthday of my memoir, Watching P(o)rn: And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist. That’s four trips around the sun for the first book of prose I ever wrote—and to date, still the only one I’ve finished. The fourth year of existence for the pages into which I poured the soul of my experience getting to know the adult industry, along with the words and wisdom of so many brilliant folks I met along the way. Of readers finding my work and integrating it into their lives.

Chapter 1: Before P0rn Lynsey G
That’s me signing books at the Watching P//rn launch party in 2017, in the Rare Books Room at The Strand in New York City.

What’s In the Book?

From my background as a weirdly sex-obsessed young person to my embarrassing first attempts at writing reviews of adult DVDs… All the way up to my too-drunk-to-remember-it-clearly acceptance speech at the Feminist P0rn Awards and beyond… The book gives readers a peek into the brain of someone who dedicated her life to learning about the adult entertainment industry and trying to share what she learned with the world. It also lifts the curtain on the massive changes that happened for the world of erotic films between the years of 2007 and 2016. And it pays homage to so many amazing individuals I’ve had the honor of interviewing over the years about their work and their world. It even has a few lists of recommended reading and viewing material that you might find worth a look.

What Do People Think?

So far, Watching P//rn has earned critical acclaim from places as diverse as The New York Times Book Review to Playboy to Bust Magazine. It’s won an Independent Publishers Book (IPPY) Award. And it’s sold out nearly everywhere in its physical form. But maybe most importantly, it helped me to spread the word that pornography, for all the bad rep its gotten over the years, is a complex and important part of our world. That it deserves careful consideration by those who consume it just as much as those who make it. And that’s been the idea all along.

chapter 9 the guys lynsey g watching porn IPPY gold medal
Me with my IPPY Award!
lynsey g audiobook

Where Is It Now?

Alas, Watching P(o)rn is currently sold out in hardcover and paperback, unless you find a used copy somewhere. But the good news is that you can still get the audiobook or the ebook! And here’s a pro tip: I read the audiobook myself! So, if you download an audio version from your favorite audiobook provider, you can listen my very own dulcet tones imparting wisdom, wisecracks, and some rather silly stories. I love to think of people listening in on their commute, or even drifting off to sleep with my voice in their ears. (Is that creepy? It might be creepy. I apologize if it’s creepy.)

At any rate, happy fourth birthday to one of the things I’m proudest of in this entire world. Watching P(o)rn, you complete me.

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