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I’ve been a busy lady this summer, and it’s time for me to hype my successes! So please allow me to inform you about some really rad developments in the world of Lynsey G! (It’s my website, after all!)

Watching Porn Hype!

I made the cover of the Missoula Independent, the largest indie newspaper in town. The profile inside is pretty amazing, so although it was kind of embarrassing to walk up to a free-paper kiosk and take out five copies of an issue with my face on the cover, I’m pretty psyched about this. A snippet:

For the last decade, Lynsey has been writing extensively about this forbidden topic. She started by reviewing feature-length smut and writing “set pieces” for girly magazines, then slowly transitioned to writing about the porn industry. This summer she published a memoir, Watching Porn, about her stint in New York City covering the industry. All of which makes her, perhaps, pornography’s perfect ambassador. She’s not an industry insider, so she’s not so enmeshed that she can’t analyze and criticize porn’s issues clearly. But she’s also not just a consumer: She has interviewed hundreds of people in the business, seen just as many films (with names like East Coast ASSault), and even partied with industry stars like Ron Jeremy (who, she says, was a jerk, by the way) and Kenni Styles (who wasn’t). As such, she’s well positioned to help bust porno myths and fight the taboo.

Read the rest here! (And if you want a copy of it for your…archives (?)…let me know! I can mail one out to ya! But they’re only available till July 20, so let me know ASAP if you want one!

Publication Hype!

My words are getting out into the world, along with the words of amazing people I interview! My three latest:

  • “Does Mainstream Porn Have a Race Problem?” at Glamour.com. The short answer is: Yes. It definitely does. I spoke to a bunch of fantastic folks for this article, including Ana Foxxx, Jiz Lee, Mickey Mod, Nikki Darling, Mireille Miller-Young, Nenna Joiner, and Vex Ashley. This article goes deep, and I’m very proud of it. (There are two more coming in Glamour’s “Summer of Sex,” so get ready!)
    A niblet:
    Adult filmmakers utilize racial stereotypes in their work in order to mock the very real issues around race in our larger culture, providing audiences with an outlet for their discomfort with the subject matter while providing release for their baser urges, too. “Porn, for such a long time, has been made for a largely white male, hetero, cis[gender] audience who pretty much had their fantasy catered to,” says Mickey Mod, porn actor, activist, and vice president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC). “That fantasy has some serious problems, especially when it comes to people of color and people of color serving the needs of those fantasies rather than being willing participants in creating the scenes that they want to be a part of.”
    Read the rest at Glamour.com!

  • “Alt Porn Is Taking Over Brazil, One Performer at a Time,” at MEL Magazine. This is my latest in the “Porn Around the World” series, and I learned all about the Brazilian porn industry from Léa Santana, Gween Black, and—OMG—John Stagliano! Like, I had no idea about the following:
    “In the 1970s, during the military dictatorship, there was a law against ‘material that violates moral or [good] behavior’ or ‘depicts obscene imagery,’” [Léa] Santana says. But, while the military government forbade films that were overtly political, filmmaking of a lighter nature was encouraged. “The federal government believed that we had to strengthen all internal industry, including the movies,” says Santana. “[That meant] there was easy financing for production of movies, through Embrafilme,” the government’s movie production agency, which wanted to keep the public occupied. “People would go to the movies [for] fun,” says Santana. “Not to think about political problems.” Thus, many filmmakers made movies they knew the government would approve — comedies with sexy themes and light nudity called pornochanchadas.
    Learn more about Brazilian porn here! 
  • “A Sex Guide for People Whose Meds are Messing Up Their Sex Lives,” at MEL Magazine. The third in our “‘Normal’ Couples’ Guide to Sex” series, in which we match advice-seekers up with their ideal sexpert. In this edition, we spoke to a man who was having trouble in the bedroom due to blood pressure medication and stress, and Sunny Rodgers, an excellent source of sexpert advice, helped him out! If you have questions based on your own sex life, e-mail me at misslagsalot[at]gmail[dot]com! I’d love to help you out!

Oneshi Press Hype!

Um, look at this gorgeousness. Our first quarterly comics anthology is so luscious! And it features amazing work by yours truly, Jayel Draco, Tom Swift Bird, and Miguel Colón! Get one at our bookshop today!Hype - Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #01 - Lynsey G


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