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I am not sorry at all about how excited I am to be featured in Playboy! It’s been a dream of mine ever since I entered the seedy side of publishing to get into the bunny, and it’s finally happened! I spoke with Playboy writer Lilly Dancyger about my book, my career, feminist porn, and the porn industry in general. A little snippet for you to nibble on:

I get a lot of questions about women in porn, especially if it’s understood at the outset that I’m a feminist. It always amazes me to realize that some people still haven’t heard about feminist porn, or that it’s good. It boggles my mind.

Read the rest here!

Other News!

do apologize that I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t blogged for a while. So I’m going to make up for it by overloading you with interesting links for your perusal right now!

  • Sex dolls! Sex robots! They’re getting more sophisticated all the time, and they’re freaking fascinating. Here are two videos on the topic you need to see:
    • Harriet Sugarcookie talks with an AI Real Doll:
    • Vice explores the dawning age of the male sex doll:
  • Um, Good Vibes just bought Babeland. If you’re a sex toy connoisseur and/or sex-positive-space advocate like myself, this is BIG news. More at the Seattle Times.
  • A really thoughtful breakdown about “Transgender People and ‘Biological Sex’ Myths” by Julia Serano that everyone should read—but especially those who don’t get what the difference is between sex and gender is, or how there’s so much wiggle room in both.
  • The indomitable feminist porn pioneer and artist Annie Sprinkle and her partner Beth Stephens have a new book out! The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm sounds like a must-read to me, and to David Henry Sterry, who interviewed Sprinkle about it. “Ever since I was in the womb, I have always had a fascination with orgasm,” she tells him in HuffPost. “I was born to do this book.”
    planet orgasm annie sprinkle
  • At long last, we have “Proof that Americans Are Lying About Their Sexual Desires” from Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of Everybody Lies. Somewhat anecdotally referenced here, but nonetheless worth putting into your brain box: There are a lot more men interested in watching men have sex with each other than most stats would lead you to believe.
  • A handy and much-needed guide on How to Call Out Your Guy Friends on Their Sexist Bullshit. Let’s spread this one around on social media, shall we?

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