I Narrated My Own Audiobook—And It’s Out Today!

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A selfie I snapped in the recording studio.

I Narrated an Audiobook!

Get ready for a little “my own horn” tooting, folks. Today, I’m extremely freaking psyched about the launch of the audiobook version of my award-winning memoir-slash-informative-book, Watching P0rn. That I narrated.

It’s been a literal lifelong dream to record an audiobook, and I am so freaking thrilled that I got to do it. And for my own book, no less! I guess I’ll check that one off the bucket list… But I’m also (not very) secretly hoping that it’ll turn out I’m so good at it that I’ll end up with a side gig as an audiobook narrator. Just, you know, in case anyone reading this is a voice-talent booking agent or anything.

I’m Psyched about Watching P0rn

But I’m also bubbling over with excitement about the audiobook because Watching P0rn is, at its heart, much more than a memoir. It’s an ode to pornography. An exploration of the many things that getting deeply involved with that industry have taught me. And it’s an attempt to build a bridge between the “them” of people who make porn…and the rest of “us” who do not. Watching Porn is my way of sharing with the world the revolutionary, radical idea that “them” and “us” are really not different. Like, at all. It’s a plea for understanding across the nonexistent isle that divides us—a gap that I’ve realized is made only of ignorance.

So I wrote Watching Porn as a way to explain away that lack of understanding. To help readers see, through my eyes, the truths behind how adult entertainment works. Who’s a part of it, and why they deserve respect for what they do. And how very much the rest of us share with them, even owe to them. I’ve made it my mission in life to demystify this industry that is still so mysterious, so divisive, so contentious that in just the past few weeks, debates have broken out about whether pornography even deserves the protection of the First Amendment.

The printed version of the book has earned accolades from the New York TimesKirkus Reviews, BUST Magazine, Foreword Reviews, the New York Daily News, Refinery29, and elsewhere. It won an IPPY Award! I got a freakin’ medal for it.

Accessibility Is Key

But here’s the thing: If I want to spread the word about adult entertainment, I need Watching Porn to be as accessible as possible. I want everyone to be able to hear what it has to say—whether that’s through reading or listening. And the truth is, not everybody has the time, inclination, or ability to sit down and read a 300-page book. But…a lot of those people can and do enjoy a good audiobook! That means that Watching Porn is now several times more accessible than it’s been. And that fact fills me with joy!

So I’m pleased as punch that Watching P0rn is now available—with my melodious voice narrating—as an audiobook. It’s available on Audible, Google Books, and Apple Books! And it’s also up for grabs on Hoopla and Overdrive, so it can be purchased by libraries! If your local library doesn’t have it yet, request it! (Hint: I love hearing stories about people requesting my book at libraries. Please share yours!)

So hey, if you’re an audiobook listener or know someone who is, please check out these listening options:

Or, if you’re more of a reading-on-the-page type, visit my Watching P0rn page to find out where you can nab a copy in print or e-book!

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