I Got a Gold Medal!

You may recall that my book, Watching Porn, recently won an award. No big deal. (Hint: It is actually a HUGE deal and I am SUPER proud but I’m humble AF.)

Well, here I was, on the one-year anniversary of the book launch. Remembering the amazing panel at the Strand, where I talked about feminism in porn with four other badass feminists. Looking forward to the paperback release of Watching Porn at the end of this month. You know, just minding my business…when I got a package in the mail! It was from the Independent Book Publisher Awards. And this is what was in it:

independent book publishers award gold medal package

A certificate proclaiming that I won the 2018 Gold Medal Independet Book Publisher Award for Sexuality/Relationships. Badass. Also some letters of congratulations and information. Sweet. Also a whole roll of shiny metallic “Gold Medal” seals I can put on the covers of the books I’ve currently got (which you can buy from me—and get signed, if you want). Aw yeah!

And…the kicker…


I’m serious.

I won a gold medal.

I’m kind of obsessed with it.

So I started wearing it, like, all the time. And I mean all the time. Like when I get up and take a shower…

lynsey g gold medal shower

…and brush my teeth…

lynsey g gold medal brushing teeth

…then do yoga (badly)…

lynsey g gold medal yoga

…and work at my desk…

lynsey g gold medal working at desk

…and eat a healthy…snack?…with the cat…

lynsey g gold medal onion

lynsey g gold medal carrot

lynsey g gold medal avocado

…then read a (very good, award-winning!) book…

lynsey g reading lynsey g godl medal

…and even when I go to bed!

lynsey g in bed gold medal

I guess you could say I’m, uh, kind of excited about this medal. But hey. I am seriously proud of it. And I’m okay with that.

Get in on this Bling

Want in on this sweet bling? Order a hardcover copy from ME! You’ll get one of those cool metallic IPPY seals on it, and I’ll even sign it however you like!

Or, if you’re more of a softcover type of person, wait till the end of this month! Watching Porn will be out in an updated paperback edition on Amazon, or any bookseller worth their salt. You can even get it directly from the publisher—The Overlook Press!

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