I Want to Give You a (Zombie) Storybook

Do you love zombies? But not in the hack-and-slash way? More in an “Aw, zombies!” kind of way? Do you wish there was more tender loving care for the un-dead out there? More laughs, less mayhem? Well, I’ve got a book for you.

The Zombie Adoption Program

A few months ago, I had a great idea that I’m still really proud of: What if there was one of those “adopt an animal” programs for endangered species…but instead of animals, it was zombies? You’d get monthly updates on how your zombie is doing at the sanctuary, photos, etc. It’d be hilarious.

So I started the Zombie Adoption Program—a club where members collaboratively tell the story of the world’s only zombie sanctuary. But the ongoing story of five living-impaired individuals just trying to un-live their best after-life deserves the public eye. Especially the adorable, hilarious original art of the zombies going about their business. Whether you’re a voting member of the club or not, I want you to be a part of it!

The Zombie Storybook (that is free)

So here’s what I did: Together with my co-creator and artist Jayel Draco, I put together an illustrated storybook retelling the un-dead antics of the first six months of after-life at the Zombie Adoption Program. We want to send you a free copy so you can catch up on all the inter-zombie gossip, the unexpected disasters, and the ongoing battle against the…you know…smell.

Then, you’ll get monthly updates from Handsome Farmer Curtis, founder of the Zombie Adoption Program, with brand-new art each time, so you can keep up with the keepin’ up of the recently un-deceased residents at the Sanctuary for the Living Impaired.

Get a free copy of the Zombie Adoption Program Storybook at zombieadoptionprogram.com now!

Never miss a free zombie book again! Not to mention the “titillating, winking bawdiness” that comes with my mailing list! (And, hey, check it out: I’ll give you a sample of my graphic novel when you sign up!)

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