I Wrote About My Queerness

It’s very serious.

Yes, I did. And it’s up on Luna Luna Magazine for the whole wide world to see. I don’t know why I still get so nervous about this. Someone reposted the link on Facebook and tagged my “personal” account–the one my family sees–and I immediately asked her to take it down and if she wanted to, to repost and tag my “professional” account. The one I haven’t let anyone related to me, or most of my friends from home, see.

This is super silly. I post links to other articles I write about non-sexually-related things on my “personal” Facebook all the time. If you know my writing name is Lynsey G and you Google it, it won’t take you long to put two and two together. I’m an out queery poly porn critic with a massive backlog of writings about sex, sexuality, pornography, gender issues, and so on. It’s not exactly a secret.

And I am sick of my family being so awkward about what I do. But I’m still afraid of blatantly posting about these things where they can see it. I want to call them out on not letting me be open and honest about my life, but I surely don’t force any openness or honesty on them. I don’t want to piss anyone off. And this article… this article says a LOT about my personal sexuality.

Aaaaaanyhoooooo I’d love feedback on the article! Please go read it! And all that! It feels like my guts are spilled all over the floor in front of me, and it’s weirdly exhilarating.

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  1. britbitchberlin7 says:

    I think you are brave and courageous and I love your writing! I am still blogging anonymously and also nervous about people knowing, so I will be following and admiring you from the safety of my blog!


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