Now That You Told Me How…I’m Going to Read to You!

Folks, I am so glad I asked for your guidance on how I should read my weird stories and novellas to you! Thank you for responding to my surveys! Now I have a plan, based on your responses. Check them out below…and find out when and where I’ll be reading to you!

I Asked, You Answered!

Here are your answers to when, where, and how I’ll read my strange stories to you!

Prose Fiction? Yay or Nay?

First of all, I was SUPER pleased to discover that nearly ALL of you are into prose fiction! That makes my little writerly heart soar!

A few of you wanted me to convince you to give it a try… Let’s hope this reading series does the job!

When Should We Do This?

A whopping 48% of you said that weeknights are the best time for my live readings. That was followed by 24% who preferred weekend days.

Given these numbers, I’m going to aim for Tuesday or Thursday evenings, starting very soon! I may try to work in a few weekend days when my schedule allows, too.

If you can’t make it to the live-streams, never fear! I’ll record them and post them to YouTube, so you can watch them whenever works for you.

Scroll down for all the scheduling deets!

Where, Oh Where?

Platform choice was a close race! 44% of you prefer Twitch, and 36% like YouTube Live, with 16% wishing for Facebook Live.

So, I’m going to attempt—attempt—to find a way to stream to Twitch and YouTube live simultaneously. I’m not sure yet if it can be done, much less if my little laptop can handle it.

Stay tuned to find out if it will work!

For How Long?

Over half of you want a full hour of reading, with a healthy 40% preferring a half hour.

My decision? I’ll aim for about 45 minutes per live reading.

Since some of that time will be devoted to introducing what I’m reading and interacting with chat, that means each story or novella should last over at least two or three reading sessions.

How About Some Feedback?

Most of you were comfortable with offering feedback in the live chat. That’s fantastic, because I’m looking to my community for direction in my editing process…and more! (More on that to come.)

But, if you’re not into offering feedback yourself, don’t worry. I’d love to have you there either way! Moral support is pretty much the best thing there is.

Now, Here’s the Plan for Live Readings!

Based on the responses you gave me, folks, I’ll be reading on Tuesday or Thursday evenings (usually Tuesdays, but the occasional Thursday). The readings will start at 5:00 and go until about 5:45 Mountain Time (that’s UTC -7). And they’ll happen on my Twitch channel. (I’ll also attempt to stream to YouTube Live, if I can manage both—more on that to come as I experiment.)

I’ll start next week, because I’m impatient to hear what you think! Here are the upcoming dates I’ll plan to stream on:

  • Thursday, December 16, 2021
  • Tuesday December 28, 2021
  • Tuesday, January 11, 2022

I absolutely cannot wait to hear your feedback on the first novella I’ll read: “Dwayne.”

In my mind, Dwayne looks something like this. Except in a living room.


“Dwayne” is the tale of a young woman who wakes up one morning to find a granite monolith sitting quietly—ominously—in her living room.

With no explanation of how it got there, or why, she’s determined to get the creepy boulder out of her house. But the insurance company won’t help, and she can’t afford to remove it herself.

So, what does one do with a 15-ton hunk of rock? Throw a party, of course! Soon, our protagonist is internet famous as “Rock Girl,” and thriving socially.

But then the rock—which she’s named Dwayne—reveals that it’s not as immovable as it once seemed…

“Dwayne” is the first of several stories that will eventually be collected in a volume I’m calling “Tales from Existentia.” Don’t miss the first installment of, coming on Thursday, December 16, at 5:00 Mountain Time, on Twitch!

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